Biden Sets Up a Meeting With Big Techs To Talk About Cybersecurity


The President of the United States, Joe Biden, scheduled for this Wednesday (25th) afternoon a meeting with executives and representatives of technology, finance, energy and education companies and agencies. The goal is to address cybersecurity, probably after the increase in the number of intrusions and ransomware attacks on public and private entities.

Among the most famous names will be the CEOs of Apple (Tim Cook), Amazon (Andy Jassy) and Microsoft (Satya Nadella), as well as executives from banks JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America.

According to the official White House agenda, the meeting will be to “discuss how we can collectively improve the nation’s cybersecurity.” This could mean starting to develop partnerships to combat threats or improve defense systems.

delicate moment

Cases such as the hijacking of Colonial Pipeline servers have led the government to become increasingly concerned about cybersecurity. The FBI is also investigating these cases with similar priority to terrorism.

In addition, White House concerns over the issue led the administration to consider cyber attacks as the possible root for a “real war” in the future.


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