Biden has a lead in Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin


The 2020 US election will be decided in just under a dozen particularly competitive swing states. We show the current status. 

In the swing states there are initial results and a surprise: Joe Biden is likely to get Arizona, four years ago Trump country. Otherwise, Trump holds up surprisingly well. Now the focus is mainly on the Rust Belt states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan. Find out how the election in the Swing States works here. The states that have not yet been decided are listed first.

Wisconsin – 10 Electors – Head-to-Head

Biden wants ten electorates here after Trump surprisingly won Wisconsin in 2016. In the state, however, an extremely close race is looming, an election thriller. After counting 97 percent of the votes, Biden has a narrow lead of around 20,000 votes. Trump led for a long time. The election experts at CNN estimate that it could take until 3 p.m. German time until a result is available.

If Trump loses Wisconsin, things will be tight for him. Then he would have to win Pennsylvania and Michigan. Georgia and North Carolina anyway.

In Georgia, 92 percent of the vote is counted. The Democrats have been hoping for a long time to get the 16 votes here – the last to succeed was the southerner Bill Clinton in 1996. At the moment, however, it does not necessarily look like a victory for the Democrats. Trump is ahead with more than 100,000 votes. Contrary to a different report, CNN did not declare Trump the winner there. The New York Times now even sees opportunities for Biden, because some constituencies where the Democrats are strong still have to be counted.

North Carolina – 15 voters – Trump just ahead

Trump leads after counting around 95 percent of the votes with just under 80,000 votes. Actually, this state is very conservative. In 2016, Trump won it too. Almost all scenarios of his campaign stipulate that he must win this state in order to secure his re-election. Republicans have won ten of the past twelve presidential elections. But the state is changing permanently, and similar to the neighboring state of Virginia in favor of the Democrats.

Nevada – 6 Electors – Election results not until Thursday

Actually, Nevada is not a classic swing state. But what this election shows: The west coast, with its democratic tendencies, is expanding further west, as demonstrated by Biden’s successful campaign in Arizona. In Nevada, 86 percent of the votes are currently counted and Trump is catching up. Biden only leads by a narrow margin of around 8,000 votes.

Pennsylvania – 20 Electors – Trump Leads

This industrial state, like Michigan and Wisconsin, which helped Trump to power in 2016, according to surveys, leans towards Biden. His 20 votes could ultimately make the difference if the election is tight. But they could arrive late, because the postal votes are counted here after all the others. Donald Trump is currently leading comparatively clearly, he has a lead of more than 11 percent.

However, 1.4 out of a total of 2.5 million postal votes have to be counted there. That could take until Friday, said Philadelphia’s City Commissioner Al Schmidt just on “CNN”. “We can only count what we already have,” said Schmidt.

Michigan – 16 voters – Biden has a wafer-thin lead

This state, which Trump surprisingly won in 2016, tended towards Biden in the polls. Here, too, the democratic candidate is much more popular than his predecessor. Joe Biden led by more than 10,000 votes that afternoon. In percent: 49.3 to 49.1. 10 percent of the votes still have to be counted.

Florida – Trump brings 29 voters

Fox News and CNN proclaimed Trump the winner early this morning. Around 95 percent of the votes are counted. Shortly after the polls closed, it looked like a neck-and-neck race. Trump later expanded his leadership to around 400,000 votes.

Texas – Trump gets 38 voters

Texas is not a classic swing state. The last time a Democrat won here was in 1976. And it will stay that way this year too. Trump is clearly leading after Biden was ahead in the early stages of the count. Fox News has now declared Trump the winner here, including CNN. He currently leads with around half a million votes.

Ohio – Trump gets 18 voters

No Republican has become president without winning in Ohio. According to CNN, Trump has won the state. Trump got around 400,000 more votes than his competitor.

Arizona – Biden brings 11 electors

In Grand Canyon State, demographics are shifting in favor of the De


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