Biden Campaign Animal Crossing Digital Garden Signs


In anticipation of the bitter battle to be fought against Donald Trump in the upcoming US presidential elections to be held in November, Democrat Joe Biden’s communication machine looks with interest to the oceanic audience of video game enthusiasts and lands in Animal Crossing New Horizons on Switch.

As confirmed by the same staff of the Democratic candidate for the presidency of the United States of America, starting today, Tuesday 1 September, those wishing to support the Biden / Harris ticket can contribute to the dem cause by adding signs with “themed design” to their island “to be downloaded through the QR code scanning system accessible via the Nintendo Switch Online app.

The entry of Animal Crossing New Horizons will be part of a series of initiatives promoted online by the organizational machine of the US Democrats. There are four downloadable and freely usable designs in Animal Crossing on Switch and represent the official Biden-Harris campaign logo, the Team Joe branding, the “Joe” Pride logo and an image with three glasses in red, white and blue.

By virtue of the extraordinary popularity achieved by the blockbuster Nintendo, in recent months we have witnessed other phenomena that have concerned, in fact, the digital dimension of New Horizons, as in the case of the arrival in Animal Crossing of the Black Lives Matter movement, also here with some posters downloadable via QR code to support the cause and express their dissent for the violence of the American police.

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