Biden asks them to be patient with Trump declaring fraud


Elections United States 2020: Donald Trump threatens to go to court and stop the vote count and Joe Biden is confident.

United States 2020 elections: Donald Trump did what was feared, he falsely declared himself the winner of the elections and above all said that the result is “a fraud to the country, frankly we have won these elections, a great fraud, we are going to to the Supreme Court and we want the counts to stop ”.

For his part, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden said from Delaware that his candidacy was “on the right track to win”, so he asked his followers for patience. “This doesn’t end until all the votes are counted,” he recalled, convinced that he would win Pennsylvania and the rest of the industrial belt states.

But Donald Trump would not sit idly by and showed in the final stretch that he is prepared to survive and stay another four more years in the White House, and as La Verdad Noticias previously reported, Trump threatened to stop the vote count, a way to ensure your victory.

Donald Trump gave everything for the victory

The tycoon appeared in the best performances of him, he marked a tremendous election day, defended tooth and nail all his success, collecting votes from all sides and winning states, one after another, to the point of challenging polls, opinion makers and experts .

Hours before the polls opened, Trump was confident of getting a good result, and it is still possible that he will, and the numbers seemed to recall the scenario of 2016 when with a minimum difference of a Nebraska voter, the Middle State West was red.

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America is biting its nails and looking north. In the south, Trump held out. His victories in Florida and South Carolina, and his more than probable triumphs in Georgia and North Carolina were indispensable successes, and diverted all attention to the industrial belt, the labor northeast that gave him so much in 2016 and on which he now depended for the victory fell from one side or the other.

But the United States will not know who its president is, since the vote counting will continue for three days, but the one with the easiest way is Biden, with Arizona on his way to the 270 necessary voters.

But surprisingly Trump tweeted his “great victory”, while accusing the Democrats of wanting to “steal” the election, something that Twitter denounced as false information about the performance of the elections.


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