Biden Analyzes How US Can Help Restore Internet in Cuba


The President of the United States, Joe Biden, said last Thursday (15) that the US government is analyzing the current Cuban situation to understand how it can help restore the internet in the country. The signal was cut and access to social media was restricted by the Cuban regime after a series of protests on Sunday (11).

“They have cut off internet access. We are considering whether we have the technological capability to re-establish that access,” Biden told a news conference. The president’s decision came after pressure from the Senate.

Republican Marsha Blackburn explained that the Biden government must support the Cuban people in concrete ways. “They’re very hesitant to step forward. And it looks like what they’re trying to do is not take sides in a fight,” Blackburn told VOA News.

European leaders have also come out in support of Cuban protesters. Josep Borrell, the European Union’s foreign minister, called on the Cuban government “to allow peaceful demonstrations and to listen to protests of discontent.”


The protest held in Havana, Cuba’s capital, was the biggest since the 1990s. The protests were aimed at rising food prices and also for vaccines against covid-19 in the country. Government leader Díaz-Canel said the acts were thought by criminals who “manipulate the emotions of the population through social networks”.

In addition, he explained that the United States is to blame for the food shortage. “If you want the people to get better, first lift the US blockade imposed since 1962,” he said.