Biblical-trained AI, scripture excerpts


What would biblical texts look like if they were rewritten by an artificial intelligence system? To answer such a question, engineer and quantum researcher George Davila Durendal developed an algorithm capable of re-reading the sacred book of Christianity.

Named “AI Jesus”, the language processing algorithm was trained exclusively in the King James Bible, an English version developed for the Anglican Church. The idea behind the tool is to try to make it replicate the style of writing used in the work, but without copying it completely.

This AI learned human language by reading only the holy scriptures. The immersion in the contents was so intense that, according to Durendal, it took place “absorbing every word more than all the monks of all the monasteries that ever existed”. The result of this appeared in the overuse of certain terms, such as “Lord”.

The developer programmed the tool to write on three specific topics: “A Praga”, “César” and “O Fim dos Dias”. The result was an algorithmic text with approximately 30 thousand words, containing flaws characteristic of AI writing, but also bringing passages more aligned to reality and excerpts that recall some prophecies about the end of the world.


In the middle of the text written by the AI ​​Jesus algorithm, some excerpts were highlighted by the programmer himself. One of the parts mentioned by him is this passage from the topic “A Praga”:

“O Lord of hosts, God of Israel; When they see the angel of the Lord above all the brothers who were in the desert, and the soldiers of the prophets will be ashamed of men ”. Elsewhere, dedicated to “The End of Days,” the AI ​​wrote: “And when they left the world to come, a voice was heard from among the dead in the city of Saul.”

You can check the complete work done by the technology developed by Durendal on Github.


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