BIBI makes a scene because it kisses female fans and throws condoms at ‘Head In The Clouds 2021’


The BIBI singer, or whose real name is Kim Hyung Seo, made a scene with the ‘service’ he did to fans at the ‘Head In The Clouds 2021′ festival.


Head In The Clouds 2021‘ is a festival organized by the label 88rising, featuring various artists under its cover and guest artists.

BIBI managed to make a shock and a scene after she got off the stage, towards a female fan and kissed her lips.

In addition, during the performance of the song ‘Cigarette and Condom‘, BIBI also brought a bag full of condoms, which she threw to the audience.

BIBI itself already has great popularity in South Korea, which is shown by collaboration with idols and senior singers, one of which is SNSD’s Hyoyeon with the song ‘Second’.