Bianca Belair Talks About Wanting to Host the Best WrestleMania Match Again This Year


Most of the reviews from fans and critics about WrestleMania 38 were really strong, partly due to a lot of very good matches. The pinnacle among these showcases for many was Bianca Belair’s stunning almost twenty-minute battle with Becky Lynch. Two WWE superstars staged an unprecedented match for fans against the background of amazing preparation, which was both extremely technical and at times surprisingly tough. The result will be watched for years to come, and that’s probably why she’s focused on matching it.

CinemaBlend had the opportunity to talk to Bianca Belair before her match with Asuka during the press day at WrestleMania, and I asked her if she thought about how much praise she received last year when preparing her match this year. She said it was deep down. She feels like she “outshone everyone” with Becky last year, and she wants to do it again. Here is part of her quote…

Every time I collect a match, I want to outshine everyone. That’s the goal. Last year, when (some people) said Becky Lynch and I outshone everyone, I’m thinking about it because I want to be more successful than before. I am my main competitor, so I want to outshine everyone, just like last year.

It’s important for a professional wrestler to have a bit of swagger because it helps you in the microphone and because it can make you do really special things in the ring. Bianca Belair has this swagger, and she supported it both times when she was on the WrestleMania card. She had a great match with Sasha Banks back in 2021 when they played in the main event, and last year she was even better with Becky Lynch (and in the SummerSlam rematch). Obviously, we will have to wait and see how the fight with Asuka goes, but there are many people who consider the Empress of Tomorrow to be one of the most experienced wrestlers in the world. So of course there’s a chance it could be something special.

Bianca Belair won the Raw Women’s Championship at Mania last year and is not looking back. She dominated the women’s division last year, and many fans believe she should continue to hold the belt. It’s easy to see why. I never thought about going up against Bianca in my predictions for WrestleMania 39. She has a great look, she’s getting stronger and stronger on the microphone, and she’s showing really well-done matches. What else do you want from a champion?

We don’t know what place Bianca and Asuka will occupy in the WrestleMania 39 card, but we do know that they will fight on Sunday during the second night at The Showcase Of The Immortals, which will end with Roman Raines and Cody Rhodes. Expect an incredible match or, if Bianca gets her way, a better match. In any case, you can see the final result if you have a Peacock subscription.


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