Bhutantan Institute announces app to monitor COVID-19


The Butantan Institute announced, this week, the launch of an application to monitor the contagion and cases of covid-19 in Brazilian cities. The first city whose mapping is being carried out is Araraquara, a municipality in the interior of São Paulo that is undergoing a lockdown due to the occupation of 100% of the beds facing cases of respiratory disease.

The software is called Global Health Monitor (GHM) and was launched in partnership with a startup homonymous with the app. The mobile phone program identifies, maps and isolates (anonymously) positive cases of SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus).

The team of infectologists at the Butantan Institute participated in the production of the application, including validating a part of the algorithm. The GHM has access to data from partner laboratories and traces the spread of the disease in real time.

The software also has alert features on risk areas (where transmission is high), organization of digital vaccine wallet and shows updated and official news about covid-19.

The application is free and available for Android phones, on Google Play, and iOS, on the App Store.


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