Bezos Wants To Take Industries Into Space To Reduce Pollution


Bezos: Billionaire Jeff Bezos, founder and now an astronaut for the space exploration company Blue Origin, commented on the suborbital flight carried out on Tuesday (20) by the New Shepard rocket, marking the beginning of the launches of the company of which he is also CEO.

In an interview with NBC News, the businessman commented that the trip reinforced his objective of establishing projects and commitments in the sustainability sector, including to reduce the current climate change scenario.

“When you look at the planet, there are no borders. It’s just one planet, we share it and it’s small and fragile. (…) We have to build a highway into space so that our children and their children can build a future,” he explained.

Future plans

According to Bezos, reusing rockets as Blue Origin already does is a small step, but the whole process could take decades. Without providing further details, he even cited a plan to transport establishments and processes away from the planet, avoiding further damage to the environment.

“We need to take all the heavy industries, pollution industries, and send them into space, to keep the Earth this beautiful gemstone that it is,” says the CEO.


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