Beyond the Destiny arrives Nintendo Switch


SNK announced today that The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny will be relaunched on the Nintendo Switch, giving a new chance both for fans to revisit this cult classic and for many players to experience it for the first time. Check out the ad trailer:

In addition, we will also have a still mysterious fighter from The Last Blade being added to the cast of Samurai Shodown through Season 3 Pass on PC, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Your official announcement should happen soon!

Until then, the portable classic features weapon fights and several different game modes, such as Story, Training and Survival, as well as two unlockable minigames and VS battles to play against your friends in portable mode or on television.

The relaunch for Nintendo Switch will cost only $ 7.99 in the American eShop. Are you planning to put the game in your digital collection? Did you like the ad? Comment below!


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