Beyond Blue, Switch Analysis. The Desperate Song Of The Whales


Beyond Blue: A necessary game comes to Switch that makes us aware of the preservation of life in seas and oceans in a clear and emotional commitment to safeguarding the future of our planet. There is a certain familiarity when playing Beyond Blue on a Nintendo console, and in 2008 and 2010 we were able to enjoy on Wii the relaxing experience that Endless Ocean and Endelss Ocean: Adventures under the sea offered us. Beyond Blue benefits from time spent showing us the richness of ocean life in all its glory. It is an informative game that does not therefore renounce that basic element of the medium that is fun.

Fun & Serious Game

I think labels such as Elevated Horror or Film d’art in the cinema, Graphic Novel in the comic and, yes, Serious Games in the video game, are concepts that, from a feeling of inferiority, seek recognition above the medium that saw them born. And I think it is wrong because they start from a premise that is: they undervalue that medium from which they start, they do not fully trust it to express themselves, they seek approval above what, they suppose, that medium has for society and other artistic manifestations. .

There are companies that work with video games that apply to other areas, and they do so with commercial video games. You just have to study the needs and objectives very well to find the video game that perfectly suits them. The Serious Games concept seems to want to eradicate in its definition something inherent in video games: to be fun. And fun is not synonymous with laughter or pleasure, video games can be in many ways, even if it is having a hard time. Silent Hill or Hellblade are fun regardless of their theme or background.

Beyond Blue could have just been a serious exhibition of marine fauna that seeks to affect our vision of the ocean, in the wonder of its mysteries, in the urgency to which climate change is leading us. And it is, but it doesn’t give up fun for it. In this way, two things are achieved: that the product reaches many more people (and that is absolutely necessary in view of its dissemination aspirations) and that what it shows takes root effortlessly in our thinking.

There is the past of E-Line Media with its previous work, Never Alone, a work of enormous sensitivity that sought to transmit knowledge about the Eskimo people; the association with the BBC of Planeta Azul II and the Ocean X Media experience; the sixteen mini-documentaries with top-level experts, which we are unlocking in the game; the oceanographers who have advised on the development … The set focuses on an intelligently articulated narrative and an enjoyable gameplay free from challenges but not from the pleasure itself of playing. If we put it all together, this potential Serious Game becomes an act in a Fun Game. What a redundancy those two words together, right? Well that.