Beyond Bitcoin: The Cryptocurrencies That Hit The Most In 2021


Bitcoin: In 2021, cryptocurrencies entered the daily vocabulary of many Brazilians, either because of the possibility of protecting themselves against the effects of inflation or because of the different use cases — such as games in the metaverse and NFTs. In this context, it is worth recalling the projects that were most successful among investors and, consequently, also faced surprising upward movements.

TecMundo prepared a selection of the most distinguished cryptocurrencies since December 2020, detailing their respective proposals, achievements and future impact on the market. Check it out and learn more below.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Unsurprisingly, Bitcoin (BTC) continues with the largest share of investments in this market niche, totaling a capitalization of US$ 901 billion (in the price of the day), although it has faced a “shy” high of only 103% this year. Currently, the original cryptocurrency is traded at the level of US$ 47,000.

However, Bitcoin’s main achievements are not necessarily in its price speculation. The digital asset stood out in the media when it was accepted as a legal tender in El Salvador, representing an important milestone in the adoption and popularization of cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, Bitcoin’s repeated “victories” against government bans, especially where China is concerned, only reinforced its appeal to the general public — something that culminated in the approval of its own index fund in Wallstreet.

Ethereum (ETH)

Considered the main alternative cryptocurrency, or altcoin, the Ethereum (ETH) registered an annual growth much higher than that found by its main rival, Bitcoin. The project has advanced about 500% since December of last year, and is currently being traded for US$ 3,700 or R$ 21 thousand, in the most recent quotation of the US dollar.

However, just like Bitcoin, the rise in the price of Ethereum was not due to mere speculation, but due to its various use cases. The project’s eponymous network was the first to provide a fertile and functional ground for applications of various types, enabling intelligent contract systems, NFT trading, metaverse games and decentralized finance protocols. As a result, altcoin has a market capitalization of $463.8 billion, the second largest in the niche.