Beyond a Steel Sky: Graphic science fiction adventure


We take a look at Beyond a Steel Sky, the graphic adventure that follows the 1994 cult classic Beneath a Steel Sky, with Dave Gibbons back on board.

Beyond a Steel Sky is an exercise in honesty and enormous affection for one of the great classics of the graphic adventure genre. Revolution is a world-class developer, known mainly for its iconic Broken Sword saga, but it would be with her second title, Beneath a Steel Sky launched in 1994, with which they would make the final leap to middle stardom. The aforementioned classic was a superb science fiction graphic adventure, in which the comic book world titan Dave Gibbons, famous among other things for being in charge of drawing the Watchmen masterpiece, participated from the beginning. We affirm the exercise of honesty because it is not easy to bring back an intellectual property that came out 26 years ago and that is unknown to the vast majority of the public in the sector. Nor is it a risk-free decision to go for a production with great means within the genre of graphic adventure, since it does not enjoy the popularity of yesteryear. In 1994 this genre enjoyed enormous popularity, being one of the benchmarks within video games on PC. Not surprisingly, the second title of Revolution had a budget of around 50,000 euros at the time, crazy for an independent studio that launches its second proposal without having achieved a resounding success with the first.

The enormous affection for the classic of which Beyond a Steel Sky is a continuation is clear from the moment we put ourselves at the controls of this one. Charles Cecil and Dave Gibbons have joined forces again and you can see at all times the passion of both for what they are doing and the tremendous respect they feel for the magnificent work they launched in 1994. The good thing about this is that we are facing a title that will make anyone who plays Beneath a Steel Sky fall in love, full of references to that and knowing how to keep the spirit of the classic. But on the other hand, it is not at all necessary to have played that one to enjoy this continuation, being able to fully immerse ourselves in its proposal without having touched its predecessor. We are also facing a title that tries to please both veteran fans of the genre and those who approach it for the first time, being commendable for the efforts of its creators to try to please all audiences and to offer a product accessible to all. they. And of course, it is always to be appreciated and praised for the effort to make an ambitious and media commitment to the genre of graphic adventure when it has been a long time since it enjoyed the favor of the general public.

Thus, we are facing a good science fiction graphic adventure, which is committed to a three-dimensional development with direct control. This decision is striking after the more than irregular result of this approach in both Broken Sword 3 and 4, even more considering that Revolution returned to the classic development with pointer and two-dimensional for the fantastic Broken Sword 5, much better and more enjoyable than the previous two. Therefore, the use of this approach instead of one similar to that of the 1994 classic is surprising, but the truth is that this time the study has saved the ballot very well in this regard, and the problems that the adventure. Faced with a title that is more than correct and very entertaining, this is very far both in terms of puzzles and the development of the story and characters that its predecessor boasted. Beneath a Steel Sky is a classic and one of the best exponents of the graphic adventure genre, which still retains all its charm today, and we remind you that it is completely free in GOG in case you have not played it. This continuation is a very brave and honest bet, which seeks to please a wide spectrum of players, who lags somewhat behind the best options available today in the genre, but still manages to offer an attractive and enjoyable title.

Back to Union City

Our intrepid protagonist is the same from the 1994 game, Robert Foster. In a post-apocalyptic future where wars and pollution have devastated the planet, the human being was divided between the great city-states and the devastated wastelands that surround them. Foster grew up on one of these moors, where he ended up as a child after a helicopter incident. The inhabitants of the moor took care of him, and taught him extensive knowledge of technology and robotics. After the events of Beneath to Steel Sky, Robert Foster lives peacefully with his people in the desert moor known as The Gap. In an introductory comic-style sequence, we see how the occupants of a strange vehicle with legs kidnap one of the children of the Foster tribe right under their noses. Our brave protagonist comes out swift in for the rescue of the child, and his inquiries following the trail lead him to Union City, the city-state where the events of the previous title took place, and where our adventure begins again. The surprise comes when we see that Union City has gone from being a dark and decadent repressive dystopia to a surprising utopia where it seems that everyone is happy. This is how our investigations begin to rescue Milo, the kidnapped child, and how could it be otherwise, they will bring us many revelations and surprises.

Beneath a Steel Sky was a stupendous science fiction work that dealt with a multitude of interesting subjects from a very attractive and revealing prism. This continuation tries to follow the same path, asking us such interesting topics as the control of society by the state, the role of technology in our lives, the search for happiness or what the human being really wants to develop fully. The fact is that here they are not treated with the depth and success of their predecessor, remaining in a somewhat light plot that although attractive is not fully exploited or fully developed. It also suffers from some script holes and vital parts of it that have not been fully justified. Despite this, we are facing a correct science fiction story with a fully enjoyable message.


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