Beyond A Steel Sky, Analysis. Back to Union City


Beyond A Steel Sky: After its release on PC in 2020, we’ve welcomed the console version of Beyond a Steel Sky with open arms, coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Beyond a Steel Sky, analysis. Back to Union City. Beneath a Steel Sky, the popular cult point-n-click of the ’90s, returns nearly three decades after its release. Thanks to the work of Revolution Software -the studio that brought Broken Sword to life-, the graphic adventure with dystopian airs and cyberpunk philosophy returns 27 years later with a new sequel: Beyond a Steel Sky. With its arrival, it updates its mechanics and gameplay to move to the 3D world with direct control and production values ​​to match. (And yes, you can play it perfectly even if you are not familiar with the classic).

In charge of Charles Cecil and under the artistic direction of Dave Gibbons (star cartoonist of the Watchmen comics), the sequel places us 10 years after the previous title. Our adventure begins in the wasteland, a desert that has suffered many wars and shortages, and which has consequently divided its civilization: either you live in a settlement full of junk or you live in the fashionable city, Union City. Our protagonist, after living happily retired in a peaceful tribe on the outskirts of the Gap desert, will change his life completely with the kidnapping of one of the young men from the settlement, Milo. From here, all the clues about his disappearance lead us to Union City, the city that we left a decade ago, and that apparently still holds many secrets.

Renewing the passport in Union City

Our arrival in Union City, the futuristic metropolis, reveals to us that the entire place is strictly controlled by customs technology. This basically means that without identification – and as an outsider – we will not be able to enter. For this reason, we will “borrow” a passport to be able to access the city and look for all the clues about the disappearance of Milo, enter different authorized accesses -illegally- and discover other mysteries that take place in the great Union. Once we get “the new” identification, they will give us a U-chip, a cutting-edge technology with which we can move freely as citizens of Union. Thanks to the installation of the U-Chip, we will be able to carry out any action by passing our hand over the machinery of the city; either buying in stores, using vending machines, activating terminals or accessing specific areas.