Beyoncé: What is the famous singer single last name?


Tina Knowles-Lawson is the mother of singers Beyoncé and Solange, but what is Jay Z’s wife’s maiden name?

Tina Knowles-Lawson is opening up about the origin of Beyoncé’s name.

The 66-year-old fashion designer and businesswoman spoke about the unique nickname during Tuesday’s inaugural episode of the In My Head with Heather Thomson podcast, sharing that “Beyoncé” is actually her maiden name, though it is now a first name. widely associated with his famous daughter.

“A lot of people don’t know that Beyoncé is my last name. It’s my maiden name,” he said.

“My name was Celestine Beyoncé, which at the time was not a good thing to have that weird name. I wanted my name to be Linda Smith because those were great names.”

Last name of Beyonce and her mother

The matriarch, who is also the mother of singer Solange, went on to say that only several people in her family have the last name “Beyoncé.”

Due to a clerical error, others, like her brother and children, now have “Beyincé” as their last name, according to Knowles-Lawson.

“I think my brother Skip and I were the only two who had B-E-Y-O-N-C-E,” he said, before explaining why some family members spell the name differently.

“It’s interesting, and it shows you the times, because we asked my mother when she was older. I was like, ‘Why is my brother’s name spelled BEYINCE? You know, it’s all these different spellings,'” Knowles said. -Lawson.

“And my mom’s response was like, ‘That’s what they put on your birth certificate.’

“So I said, ‘Well, why didn’t you argue and make them correct?’ “The founder of House of Deréon continued.”

And she said, ‘I did it once. The first time, and they told me to be glad you got a birth certificate because, at one point, blacks didn’t get birth certificates. ”

Knowles-Lawson added that “it must have been horrible” for her own mother “not even being able to spell her children’s names correctly.”

“So we all have different spellings,” he said. “People don’t even put the two together and they know it’s the same name.”

Knowles-Lawson took a different last name when she married Beyoncé’s father and former manager Mathew Knowles. The couple separated in 2009 after more than three decades together and finalized their divorce in 2011.

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The mother married actor Richard Lawson in 2015

Last week, Knowles-Lawson shared a heartwarming image of herself with her daughter Beyoncé and granddaughter Blue Ivy, recalling having all three generations together amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that still keeps many loved ones apart.

“Wow I miss you❤️” he wrote in the caption.

Knowles-Lawson recently opened up to people about how she was doing while away from her family, revealing that she calls FaceTimes Blue and her 3-year-old twin brothers, Sir and Rumi, “every day.”

But in one of those chat sessions, Rumi got a bit confused about why she couldn’t see her grandmother on the phone, since her mother wasn’t using a smartphone.

“My granddaughter Rumi, who is 3 years old, yesterday her mother called me on a home phone. She had never seen a [landline] phone in her life, so she didn’t even know what it was,” Knowles-Lawson recalled. “Beyoncé said, ‘Oh mom, she’s looking at that like …’ And she keeps saying, ‘I can’t see you!’ ”

“That’s the difficult part,” he added. “But until about six weeks ago, I saw them every day because we all took the test and weren’t in contact with anyone, so I had to go there every day.

“And my oldest granddaughter said to her mom, ‘Grandma is hugging us too much,’ when I first walked around them. Because you just want to touch them and you want to hug them, so I’m going to go through that.”


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