Beyoncé to donate $ 500,000 to those affected by Covid-19


Through a statement through her foundation, Beyoncé revealed that she will donate $ 500,000 to families affected by COVID-19.

COVID-19 has not only affected the health of millions of people around the world but has caused a major imbalance in the global economy, leaving hundreds of families in danger of being evicted from their homes.

With this issue in mind, Beyoncé revealed through her foundation that she will help more than 100 families at risk of eviction, donating a total of $ 500,000 that will be distributed equitably.

But first, let’s remember that Beyoncé has established herself as one of the most successful and appreciated artists in the music industry, where for several years she has managed to conquer the public through her songs.

Beyoncé will help families affected by COVID-19

However, on this occasion it was not any of her successes that led her to be among the trends in the world of entertainment, but her great work of charity towards families economically affected by the pandemic.

According to its statement, the economic donation per family unit will be $ 5,000 and will serve to satisfy the rent or mortgage obligations of those people most affected by the economic crisis.

She will donate 500 thousand dollars!

It is worth mentioning that Beyoncé has been one of the artists who since the beginning of the health crisis has offered various financial aid, both for the business sector (small businesses) and for public mental health services.


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