Beyonce sublime: the Queen poses in a very amazing dress!


Beyonce once again enriches her collection of dresses. It unveils a new collection of photos with a dress and a vintage decor.

Beyoncé does not seem to want to stop there. After the first six collections of colorful photos and very diverse, she has this time opted for an old school style. A look that denotes after six very modern dresses. But this dress makes all the difference.

Indeed, this is the seventh time that Beyoncé reveals a new style on his Instagram account. She had started this series with a yellow glitter dress that sparkles the eyes. It was then found with a lighter set, in a sublime golden brown decor. We then admired a red set in the company of Jay-Z and two dresses unicolor in sets that marry perfectly to its look. Lately, it is in a multicolored set that she displayed herself. His latest look looks more vintage. We describe it to you in detail.

It is therefore in an old school set that Queen Bey is displayed this time. Beyoncé then puts on a khaki jacket marrying wonderfully with boots that look like crocodile. On a second photo, we can appreciate the small handbag and earrings that reinforces this vintage side. A reflection that we appreciate.

The decor blends perfectly with the overall style. A small antiquarian library and a small iron cup reinforce this impression of photos from another time. A small collection of photos that makes you nostalgic. And which reveals a new part of the personality of the singer.

So, convinced by this idea of ​​photo collections on Instagram? And does this vintage style seem consistent to you?


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