Beyonce shared a rare photo with all three children — and thanked them on the eve of the release of “Renaissance”


Carter’s crew! As Beyonce prepares for the release of her anticipated Renaissance album, she thanked her three children for their collaboration during her musical process.

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“This three—act project was recorded over three years during the pandemic,” the 40-year-old “Crazy in Love” singer wrote on her website on Thursday, July 28, along with a sleepy selfie with daughter Blue Ivy, 10, and twins Sir. and Rumi, both 5. “A time to be calm, but also a time when I discovered that I could be the most creative. The creation of this album gave me a place where I can dream and find salvation in a terrible time for the world.”

Beyonce then paid tribute to her three babies, whom she shares with husband Jay-Z, in a post on her website.

“I want to express my special gratitude to Rumi, Sir and Blue for giving me space, creativity and inspiration,” the Dreamgirls star added in her post. “And special thanks to my husband and muse, who supported me during those late nights in the studio.”

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In a rare family photo, the Grammy winner was wearing a black tank top, hugging her twins while they were sound asleep. Blue Ivy, for her part, was napping next to her younger siblings.

The former Destiny’s Child member, who is preparing to release her seventh album later this month, combines her music and fashion career with motherhood, often adoring her babies.

“Blue Ivy is so incredible and reminds me so much of Beyonce,” Ivy Park designer’s father, Matthew Knowles, said in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly in May 2020 about his grandchildren. “Sir, he just wants his world to belong to him alone. [His twin sister], Rumi, reminds me of [my other daughter] Solange [Knowles]”.

The 70-year-old record producer added at the time: “I think we all see [Beyonce’s musical talents] in [Blue]. Just like I saw it with Solange and Beyonce when they were growing up. They’re just about passion, because when we live in our passions, we don’t have to work a day in our lives. …I just want them to find their hobbies and show a work ethic, and they will succeed.”

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The musician “Lemonade” and the 52-year-old rapper “99 problems” have remained a close-knit family since they had three children.

“Jay-Z and Beyonce have babysitters for the children, and their assistants also help, but mostly they try to take the children with them everywhere,” a source told us earlier in June 2019. “Blue always travels with Beyonce and comes with her when she works. The twins are growing up, and Beyonce is also walking with them a little more. They are a very close-knit family and love to do everything together.”


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