Beyoncé shamelessly trolled by actress Jameela Jamil!


Good news for Beyoncé fans! Jameela Jamil who once trolled him apologizes and admits that she is “so ashamed to have been a misogynist.”

Good news for Beyoncé fans! Jameela Jamil, who once trolled her apologizes and admits that she is “so ashamed to have been a misogynist. ”

On today’s Red Table Talk episode. Jameela Jamil confides in her past comments on stars such as Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé, Rihanna or Kim Kardashian!

“I was a real dick,” Jameela Jamil said. When the topic of “judging people” was brought up, Jameela Jamil admitted to being a “misogynist” online. “There is documented evidence that I was ashamed of female celebrities, I was doing it because I was in pain. I was a troll. ”

“I thought I was doing feminism,” Jameela explains. “When I was 22, I was sexually assaulted. I was too scared to face my rapist … And so, instead, I get mad at all the women who sexualize themselves! I blame them for the reasons why men have always sexualized me since I was a child. So I’m like, “It’s your fault because you make them think they have permission from my body,” which I never do. And I was scared deep down, and that’s how I projected my pain. ”


During her visit, Jameela Jamil questions herself following her behavior and especially her violent tweets about Beyoncé and other stars! After reflecting on her past behavior, she then said that she had “changed” and learned from her mistakes.

“This is why I have not removed myself from the networks, although too often requested by people on Twitter, and I understand. The reason I don’t is because I would like to be this proof that human beings can redeem themselves. I’m always so ashamed, ”Jameela Jamil added.

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“Even though I understand why I did it, I think it’s important to be responsible and to hold yourself accountable that whatever happens to you, it might explain what you did, but it do not excuse him. »She concludes then!


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