Beyoncé on the poster for the next James Bond? We know more!


In a few months, the next James Bond will be released. And Beyoncé could be one of them. This is great news!

All it takes is a Martini for the canvas to panic! Indeed, it was after a shot of Beyoncé that the rumors began. We would talk about her for the next James Bond …

Beyoncé is unquestionably the queen of social networks. She masters the art of teasing to perfection. No wonder she took advantage of the Golden Globes to drop a bomb. Customary of the fact, it was already with a mystery photo that she had announced the release of her latest album. She then posed with a lemon … Nothing better for Lemonade! This time, it’s another message the star wanted to get across. Her picture of a Martini suggests that she will take part in the next James Bond.

Splendid in her black and gold dress, Beyoncé poses with the drink decorated with two olives. His fans first assume that his next studio album will be called Martini. Or maybe Olive. But soon, another crazy theory emerged.

“I think she will be in the next James Bond. Martini is the British spy’s signature drink, “suggested one of Beyoncé’s fans on Twitter. A more reasonable surfer claims that the singer will be in charge of the film’s soundtrack. Dying can wait until soon to come out, its musical theme has not yet been revealed. Beyoncé has until April to surprise us!

One thing is certain, no official source confirms the presence of Beyoncé in the casting of the event film. Indeed, the singer does not (yet) appear alongside Léa Seydoux, Rami Malek and Ralph Fiennes. All that remains is to keep your eyes wide open and your fingers crossed!


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