Beyoncé: Megan is proud that Queen B remixed Savage!


Beyoncé X Megan Thee Stallion: the two stars send flowers! After remixing the Savage sound, Beyoncé receives compliments from Megan who is proud of her!

Beyoncé X Megan Thee Stallion: The Two Stars Send Flowers To Each Other! After having remixed the Savage sound, Beyoncé receives compliments from Megan who is super proud!

In a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest, Megan Thee Stallion shares Beyoncé’s story on the “Savage” remix!

Megan Thee Stallion’s debut album Good News is coming out very, very soon. Queen “WAP” then joined Ryan Seacrest on the air this Tuesday, November 17th!

And she explained why now is the time to release her very first official album! Megan also takes the opportunity to tell us how this epic Beyoncé remix was born!

“‘Savage’ had already gone mad and it was already a crash! And I’m in the living room – actually probably in the kitchen because during my forties I spent a lot of time in the kitchen! So my team calls me up and says “Beyoncé is going to get on the remix.” And I’m like, “What ?!” Meg remembers.

“The next day my manager walks in and he says, ‘You have to record a new verse from’ Savage. “… So literally I went into the living room and recorded a new verse… and I didn’t want to tell anyone until it was sure. “She says then!


With over 2 million views on Youtube, fans loved this remix which is all the rage on the web! Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé got it right!

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But that’s not all ! Megan Thee Stallion also tells us why it was the perfect time to release her first album?

“My mixtapes and EPs, it was just for me to get to know everyone. I didn’t want to make a big commitment. Like, when we go out together. We’re getting to know each other, and I never wanted to call anything an album because I’m not ready to get married yet. It’s a big commitment … I take all my music seriously, but it’s like my baby. »She concludes then!


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