Beyonce and Jay-Z imitated by Ciara and Russel Wilson for Halloween


There are people who choose to be as scary as possible for Halloween. By disguising himself as a zombie, or an evil clown, for example. There is Ciara and his companion Russel Wilson who decide to make the buzz by breaking the codes. Indeed, who said it was mandatory to scare during this party? The singer, she wanted to make the buzz by disguising himself, with his darling Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Yes, the “disguise” is not scary. But in recent years, the main purpose of this festival is especially to simply disguise. That’s why Ciara wanted to go for a similarity with the Carter couple. This is more than successful. Deciding to publish this outfit through a video, the artist takes the famous music video of Beyonce and Jay-Z Apes ** t. Clip shot at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

So we can see the pretty half-breed and her mate posing in front of a painting, but not the Mona Lisa, unlike the real music video. This time, the one-night Beyonce poses with her “Jay-Z” in front of a painting representing the Obama family. A buzz, more than successful. Because even in the outfits, the couple looks “perfectly” to the Carter family.

But this disguise is it likely to revive a controversy dating from several weeks ago? Indeed, a ranking announced Bella Hadid, the most beautiful woman in front of Beyonce. A ranking making a stir, and also reacting fans of the Queen. That’s why, by disguising herself as Jay-Z’s wife, Ciara could also be considered a more beautiful woman than the star. Because it must be said, this “costume” is going to delight.

When we know how much Beyonce has countless fans on the web, we can be sure that they will speak if this comparison happens. Whether this is the case or not, the two young women are both different. As beautiful as the other.

Therefore, no debate should take place. Neither ranking. Beyonce and Ciara each have their strengths, and together they are some of the most beautiful women on the planet. End of debate.

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