Beyoncé donates 10,000 dollars to small black traders!


Beyoncé is very generous. The American singer has just donated more than $ 10,000 for small black merchants.

Beyoncé has her heart on her hand. Jay-Z’s wife just donated. To several black traders. In the USA.

The foundation of Beyoncé has just made a significant endowment. To several traders, impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

Indeed, BeyGOOD, in partnership with the NAACP, has just donated $ 10,000 to those who have difficulty making ends meet. A great initiative, therefore.

The BeyGOOD foundation thus affirmed: “In the past few months, the pandemic and the scandals for the black community have left a legacy”. And that’s not all.

The association added: “It has been very difficult for the whole country and our small traders have struggled to get by.” This is where the Beyoncé association comes in, therefore.

Thanks to her foundation, she managed to make several donations to African-American traders. An opportunity for them to be able to get out and grow their business again.


The association added. “The sum of $ 10,000 will, therefore, be offered to small traders. In some handpicked cities, therefore. ”

The American singer, therefore, decided to offer money. So graciously. Has several shops. Among the selected cities, we speak of Houston. Atlanta, New York. But also the city of Los Angeles, therefore, or even Minneapolis where George Floyd lost his life.

Traders, therefore, have until July 18 to register. And receive that amount of money. The decision will, therefore, be made on July 31.

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The businesses contacted will, therefore, be eligible. To receive the sum proposed by Beyoncé. They will, therefore, be able to see their business displayed on the site. July 31.

During COVID-19, already, Beyoncé and her mother Tina Knowles Lawson decided to act. The two young women donated $ 6 million. To associations, therefore, coming to the aid of people affected by the virus.


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