Beyonce: that day when she was interviewed by… Kris Jenner! (VIDEO)


Beyoncé’s father caused a small earthquake after posting an interview with her daughter on Instagram. If the 11-year-old girl is adorable, it is on the journalist that the attention of Internet users has come. Indeed, she looks a lot like Kris Jenner!

This is a theory that will please conspirators! Kris Jenner would have interviewed Beyoncé when she was only 11 years old and would have kept it secret. It is also to the father of the famous singer that we owe this mysterious video, posted on his Instagram account.

However, the legend of this archive does not suggest that there is much to say: “The flashback of the week also dates back to 1992. Beyoncé was only 11 years old and was already working hard,” writes Matthew Knowles. “Here she is explaining how she overcomes her fear of the stage. What do you think, “he concludes innocently. He must not have known what was going to happen!

When you look at it more closely, the resemblance is indeed striking. Fans of Beyoncé have made it known with comments like “Kris Jenner, is that you?” “And” But wait, is this Kris Jenner? Even the tweetos got into it and started to demand answers. “There must be a bug in the matrix,” wrote a fan. “This is Kris Jenner who interviews Beyoncé when she is young. The Universe is playing tricks on us, who could have imagined what these two women would become, “asked a second.

Fortunately, other Internet users know the story of Kim Kardashian’s mother on their fingertips. “It can’t be Kris on this set,” said one. “She had just married and had four children! “All that remains is to speak on this subject …


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