Beyoncé: her daughter Blue Ivy gets violently smacked on her physique!


On social networks, Beyoncé’s daughter, Blue Ivy, was violently clapped by internet users on her physique!

Blue Ivy is one of the most followed child stars on social media. Very exposed by Beyoncé and Jay-z, the little girl follows in the footsteps of her parents. But because of its media coverage, it is exposed to criticism from Internet users. But not only.

Some journalists are not shy about criticizing Blue Ivy for her physique. This is particularly the case of the American journalist K. Austin Collins. After deleting his tweet, the Daily Mail relayed his criticism. For the new year, Blue Ivy appeared alongside Beyoncé. And the least we can say is that she looks like her daddy’s like two drops of water.

A bad thing according to K. Austin Collins. On his Twitter account, he said, “I have a feeling that the genes on Jay-Z’s face will hit Blue Ivy and I am very sorry for her.” Fans of Beyoncé and Jay-z then asked Vanity Fair to fire the reporter. But that’s not all.

A journalist, Violet Lucca also made shocking comments. Page Six relayed its response to K. Austin Collins’ tweet. She swung about Beyoncé’s daughter: “She may just be having plastic surgery at the age of 16, Kylie Jenner and we will all have to pretend that she always looked like that … I can’t afford to feel too sorry for the incredibly wealthy. ”

Finally, the reporter for Vanity Fair apologized. He said on Twitter, “I’m sorry about the tweet on Blue Ivy. It’s a bad joke. And black girls in particular deserve better. ” Violet Lucca also apologized but deemed the buzz “excessive”. It remains to be seen if the mom will react to these tweets about their little girl.


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