Beware of those 60 altcoins: here’s what’s going to happen this week!


The cryptocurrency market started this week with a downtrend. However, the development of the ecosystem continues as usual. In the list below, we report what will happen in 60 altcoin projects this week…

Here’s what will be in 60 altcoin projects this week

KuCoin placed Voxies (VOXEL) in 13th place today, along with a pair of Tether (USDT) and Ethereum (ETH).

SingularityNET (AGIX) releases the ERC-20 converter.

Huobi Global lists FaceDAO (FACE).

The Devconnect.eth conference will be held in Amsterdam from April 18 to 25.

The AIOZ network (AIOZ) will perform the upgrade and hard fork.

Harmony (ONE) will hold a meeting in Amsterdam.

BitMart lists The Crypto Prophecies (TCP).

APENFT (NFT) will host a question and answer event at Discord.

BitMart lists the Morpheus Network (MNW).

BitMart lists the Plato Game (PLATO).

Crabada (CRA) will launch a Swimmer Network test network.

BitMart lists Xi Token (XI) with a pair of USDT.

BitMart posted Enhance V2 (ENH) with a pair of USDT.

Horizon (ZEN) holds a weekly meeting.

MEXC Global places Ekta (EKRA) with a pair of USDT.

Mask Network (MASK) will hold a question and answer event with a certain Mura.

Kommunitas (KOM) presents Plato Farm IKO.

Bezoge Earth (BEZOGE) will host weekly Q&A on Twitter Spaces.

XT.COM lists metappplay with a pair of USDT.

Cryptology lists the altcoin Faith Tribe (FTRB).

The AME Network (AME) will host a question and answer event.

MEXC Global lists Equilibrium Games (EQ) with a pair of USDT.

Splinterlands (SPS) will hold its weekly meeting.

Synapse Network (SNP) will integrate Solana tomorrow, April 19.

On April 19, EOS (EOS) will hold an EVM launch event.

Filecoin (FIL) will meet tomorrow in Amsterdam.

BitMart lists MOBLAND (SYNR) with a pair of USDT.

Sovrin (SOV) will hold a community meeting.

Kommunitas (KOM) will host the IKO Legion Network.

BitMart will list UniFarm (UFARM) tomorrow.

Faith Tribe (FTRB) is hosting a question and answer event.

Mina Protocol (MINA) will host the ZkHappyHour event with Mina Pro.

TerraLand Token (TLAND) will host a new fundraising event.

April 20 XT.COM will publish Dai (DAI).

OkLetsPlay (OKLP) will execute IDO.

SparkPoint (SRK) adds new transaction pairs to its pools.

Ownly (OWN) will release the Artist launcher.

QANplatform (WANX) will host a video Q&A event.

On Wednesday, LBank lists Ctomorrow Platform (CTP).

XT.COM will list ASIMI (ASIMI).

MEXC Global lists Lucretius (LUC) with a pair of USDT.

Zenon (ZNN) has announced the creation of a $10 million fund for web3.

Subme (SUB) will host a Q&A event with the founders of Subme.

On April 21, Timerr (TIMERR) will be registered on IndoEx.

On April 21, MEXC Global turned on Hawksight (HAWK).

DAO Maker (DAO) has set the deadline for SHO — April 21.

Traders Coin (TRDC) launches its swap platform.

Cryptocurrency teams such as Avalanche (AVAX), FTX Token (FTT), Hedera (HBAR) attend the Cornell Blockchain Conference.

On April 22, BitMart lists Dabb Doge (DDOGE).

Dogira (DOGIRA) will launch the Gooeys P2E game on April 22.

Oxygen (OXY) will launch its betting program on April 22.

Gies Business and Grainger Engineering will hold their first blockchain summit on April 22.

Crabada (CRA) will launch the Crabada test network.

Babylons (BABI) will hold Taroverse IDO on April 22.

On April 23, Bitcoin (BITCI) will burn five billion tokens.

The Ethernity Chain (ERN) launches the NFT collection.

Kommunitas (KOM) will host TaroVerse IKO on April 23.

April 24th (SFUND) will host the IGO League of Empires.

On April 24, Harmony (ONE) will hold a meeting in Austin.