Beware of these 10 DeFi Altcoins: they have announced big news!


We have collected the most important news about partnerships, updates and events in the DeFi altcoin market since last week. Chainlink’s partnership with Augmented Finance and tofuNFT’s partnership with Hamsterz Beach Club are just some of the DeFi updates for the week…

Here is the news of the week about altcoins DeFi

Thanks to the recent strategic partnership of Growth DeFi (veGRO) with the Fantom Network, cLQDR can be earned on Fantom by blocking GRO. In addition, Growth DeFi is also known as the DeFi Lending and Borrowing Profitability protocol.

Last week, Cover Compare ended its strategic partnership with OpenWorld. The partnership will provide OpenWorld users with access to world-class insurance protocols. There will also be a 10% discount on all insurance products purchased through DApp.

The beta launch of Bancor 3 took place last week. The beta launch started with four different limited repositories: ETH, DAI, LINK and BTH. In addition, stakeholders can now add liquidity to these pools using Etherscan.

TofuNFT, NFT’s multi-network marketplace, is now partnering with Hamsterz Beach Club. This news means that Hamsterz NFT will go on sale in the NFT market.

Last week, a news summary of Kava Network Meet the Pioneer took place #3. The collection is also being prepared for the Kava CosmosEVM network. The meeting will also help Kava properly prepare for the launch of the main network, scheduled for May 10. Official Tweet:

Coinbase has announced its partnership with the 0x protocol. The partnership aims to promote the newly launched social NFT protocol market. It will also provide users with the best way to trade and find NFT at the lowest possible price.

Last week, SWFT announced support for the Allchain Bridge ontology. Therefore, tokens such as ONG, ONT, WONG and WONT can be exchanged for several other cryptocurrencies.

Binance Chain (BNB) has launched BIFI transactions. In addition, BIFI can now be purchased directly on Binance (BNB) using a credit or debit card. This is great news and an important achievement for Beefy Finance.

Chainlink (LINK) has announced a partnership with Augment Finance. Thus, it provides a next-generation DeFi liquidity protocol with world-class security in Gnosis pools.

In the latest development, which we will report as Somagnews, Equilibrium DeFi announced the addition of Polkadex support. The DeFi protocol also announced its support last week, announcing that Polkadex has allocated an additional 250,000 EQ tokens to help boost crowdfunding.