“Beverly Hills, 90210” Actress Denise Dawes is “in a coma” due to a “contagious form of meningitis”


Denise Dawes’ sister, Tracy Dawes, said that the Beverly Hills, 90210 actress is fighting for her health in a coma after being hospitalized with meningitis.

Celebrity health problems over the years

On Sunday, August 7, Tracey took to social media to share the news with “family and friends,” asking for “support and prayers” for the 64-year-old Insecure graduate.

“As many of you have seen, my posts have been positive and inspiring [so in the original]. I try to keep my spirits up and support those who need it,” Tracy wrote next to the photo of the actress “Thinking like a criminal.” “I ask for support and prayers for me, my sister and my only immediate family @denisedowse. She is currently in hospital in a coma caused by a virulent form of meningitis. Her doctors do not know when she will come out of the coma, as she was not caused by medical drugs.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, meningitis is an inflammation of the fluid and membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Most cases of meningitis in the United States are caused by a viral infection, but can also be caused by bacterial, parasitic and fungal infections.

Tracy added that they “hope” that the resident actress will “come out of this soon,” noting that “we really appreciate the thoughts, prayers and support” as they await news about “a bright actor and director who should have many years ahead of her.”

Celebrity injuries over the years

After the news of her hospitalization, friends and family hastened to congratulate the native of Hawaii, including Jan Ziering, who played with Denise in the movie “90210”.

While Denise is perhaps best known for her role in the popular 90s teen drama that ran for ten seasons from 1991 to 2000, the actress also played Dr. Rhonda Pine on the HBO series Insecure from 2016 to 2021, in addition to various other supporting roles. about the “Anatomy of Passion”, “Resident”, “Good Trouble”, “X-files” and much more.

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The Buffy the Vampire Slayer graduate has also starred in many films over the years, including “Pleasantville,” “Doctor Dolittle 2,” “Requiem for a Dream,” “Starship Troopers” and “Ray” with Jamie Foxx.

Denise recently made her directorial debut in the biopic “Remember Me: The Story of Mahalia Jackson,” which premiered at the 2022 Pan-African Film Festival in Los Angeles, California, back in April. The film tells about Jackson’s career and her contribution to the civil rights movement, as well as her friendship with Martin Luther King Jr. The film stars Keith David, Corbin Bleu, Vanessa Williams and Columbus Short.


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