Betty: HBO Series Canceled After Two Seasons


HBO has announced that the skateboarding series, Betty, will not have a third season. The plot of the attraction created and directed by Crystal Moselle is based on the 2018 film Skate Kitchen and portrays the New York life of a group of female skaters in a predominantly male universe, having to deal with issues such as harassment and machismo.

The station did not reveal the reason for the cancellation, but in a statement released by Variety highlighted the importance of the theme. “We are not going to develop a third season. We’re so grateful for the collaboration with Crystal [Moselle] and our incredible cast — your fearless exploration of the world of skate culture in New York will remain a beautiful representation of friendship and community.”

The comedy drama premiered in May 2020, a critically acclaimed release. Such success yielded a 2nd season, an arc that arrived on HBO in June this year. Over her 12 episodes, she starred Dede Lovelace (Jay), Nina Moran (Kirt), Ajani Russell (Indigo), Kabrina Adams (Honeybear) and Rachelle Vinberg (Camille) — as well as a guest appearance by the famous skateboarder Tony Hawk.

“The show is almost a microcosm to a larger idea of ​​women entering male-dominated spaces. [Our goal is] to inspire people to do things they think they can’t do, [to help build a picture] of equality between men and women. The focus is not skateboarding, but friendships and relationships, in general”, commented Moselle before the show’s debut.


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