Better life: Thomas and Barbara are embarking on a project


In the next episodes of Plus Belle La Vie, Barbara and Thomas will combine their ideas to embark on a crazy project.

Barbara and Thomas, former employees of the Mistral bar, are reportedly about to set up a competing restaurant. The two friends of Plus Belle La Vie including starting a war on the Mistral.

No viewer of Plus Belle La Vie could imagine a restaurant competing with the legendary Mistral bar. Is not it ?

And yet, Thomas and Barbara, two iconic characters from the soap opera, are about to build one. Indeed, Roland Marci’s father and the cook would like to embark on this crazy project.

But how did they come up with the idea? It’s quite simple, former work colleagues got together for an evening. On the way back, Roland Marci’s son had an idea.

“The best would be to combine your smart and refined dishes with, I don’t know, a cozy place where people can come and relax,” he said.

So with a smile on her face, Barbara (Léa François) joked: “If you have a plan, you call me. Of course, the young woman had no idea that her friend would have one so quickly.

Thus, the father of Plus Belle La Vie asked her: “What if we did it?” If Barbara needed a few seconds to think about it, she ended up accepting. “Chick. ”


However, Barbara and Thomas will eventually come down from their little cloud in the next episodes of Plus Belle La Vie.

It must be said that their plan to compete with the Mistral bar and set up a restaurant on the same square does not please everyone.

Thus, the Mistraliens of Plus Belle La Vie will have no choice: they will have to choose their own camps. So, more like Thomas and Barbara or the bunch of girls at the bar?


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