Better life: She’s making a Christmas chain for the holidays!


To end the year in style, the comedians of “Plus belle la vie” have just unveiled an incredible channel before the Christmas holidays!

A nice surprise for fans of “Plus belle la vie”! For the Christmas holidays, the actors of the fiction have turned an astonishing chain! And you might like the video.

This year, the writers of “Plus belle la vie” have put the small dishes in the big ones to delight their viewers. To begin with, Géraldine Gendre – the producer – wanted to change certain settings in fiction.

And this idea has obviously won over many fans of the series. The credits of “Plus belle la vie” also had its breath of fresh air.

Now it’s Romy Teissedre who sings the famous melody of France 3! A few days before Christmas, some actors of “Plus belle la vie” have decided to concoct a little surprise!

Indeed, actors have turned an incredible channel to wish you happy holidays of the end of the year. And it is besides Mirta interpreted by Sylvie Flepp who opens the ball.


Facing the camera, Luna’s mom seems to write a little note on a piece of paper before sending it to another character you know well! Her name ?!

It is about Franck who proudly wears an original sweater on which is written: “Happy Holidays”. After also scribbling on the mysterious sheet, Noah’s dad passes it on to other well-known faces from “Plus belle la vie”.

Like Céline Frémont, Lola and Kylian. Without forgetting Victoire, Sophie, Irina or even César. At the end of the channel, viewers of “Plus belle la vie” will also be able to discover an adorable message from the actors.

“2020 has been a horrible and long year,” we read. But also: “2021 can only be more beautiful. Happy Holidays to you all. We love you “. And we love it!


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