Better life: Roland is about to sell his bar!


A new twist in “Plus belle la vie”! Roland is going to sell his shares of his own bar to an iconic fictional character.

Viewers of “Plus belle la vie” will have a smile! Wanting to help in his son, Roland decided to sell his shares in the bar du Mistral. And the lucky buyer is none other than … Léo Castelli.

At the moment, the intrigues are continuing in “Plus belle la vie”! Lately, Emma’s daily life has been in turmoil.

Indeed, the young woman has found her younger sister Camille after years of absence. And the latter drags a heavy past!

Kidnapped as a child, Mathis’s aunt lived through hell with her kidnapper. If Emma wants to make up for lost time with Camille, things will not be easy.

At the same time, Caesar’s sidekick manages his relationship problems with Baptiste with some difficulty. But she’s not the only “Plus belle la vie” character to have family difficulties.

Indeed, Roland has seen better days! But he’s going to have a pleasant surprise very soon.


In recent weeks in “Plus belle la vie”, Thomas has been hurt by certain actions taken by his father. To this day, Doctor Riva’s companion no longer wants anything to do with the Mistral bar.

In addition with Barbara, Baptiste’s father also wants to start his own restaurant. But for that, he needs the money.

Wanting to help him in his project, Roland will therefore sell his shares in his own bar. A final sacrifice in an attempt to repair past mistakes.

And what will not be his surprise when he finds out that it is indeed Leo Castelli who will buy them back. In short, a great action!

Blossoming as a waiter, Claire’s companion wishes above all that the Mistral bar remain “in the family”. So to follow in “Plus belle la vie”!


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