Better life: Mila declares her love to her beloved Mous!


Mila finally declares her love for her darling, Mouss, in Plus belle la vie! It’s not too early ! We’ll tell you more, right away!

In the next episode of Plus belle la vie, Mila finally confesses to Mouss that she loves him.

Plus belle la vie is the flagship series of France 3. Yes, for more than 16 years now, the series has been fascinating young and old. Thus, every evening, millions of television viewers gather in front of their screens to follow the adventures of the inhabitants of the Mistral. Crazy, right?

But a lot of the reason the show is so successful is its characters!

Yes, the characters of Plus belle la vie are all more endearing than the others. We, in any case, are fans of Mila, Sophie, Mirta but also Mouss!

Moreover, the latter will be entitled to a nice statement in the next episode of Plus belle la vie. Indeed, while Mila visits him in prison, the latter confesses her feelings to him.

Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more!


In Plus belle la vie, Mouss is wrongly locked in prison. Yes, Mila’s sweetheart is accused of the murder of Monique, Claire’s friend! Just that !

Convinced of his innocence, Mila regularly comes to see him in prison.

And in the next episode of Plus belle la vie, the young woman will take advantage of this moment with Mouss to make an adorable statement.

Indeed, while Mila is in front of Mouss, the latter notices that she is wearing the perfume he gave her. Mila then confesses that she wears it all the time because she misses him so much. She then admits being in love with him.

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And obviously, faced with such a declaration, Mouss is in heaven!

More than to hope that Mouss gets out of prison quickly!


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