Better life: Mazelle threatens Eugenie!


Yesterday in “Plus belle la vie”, Commissioner Mazelle abruptly interrupted his interview with journalist Eugénie Grangé!

New twists to come in “Plus belle la vie”! While Eugenie Grangé is interested in the murder of Monique Perrier, Commissioner Mazelle quickly makes her understand that she does not have to poke her nose everywhere.

Nothing is going well in “Plus belle la vie”! At the moment, many plots are holding the viewers of the series in suspense.

The main one is focused on Mouss! Indeed, Luna’s sidekick is in trouble. As a reminder, he is wrongly accused of having killed Monique Perrier – Claire’s friend.

Commissioner Mazelle, who seems to have a grudge against him, did everything to make him believe he was guilty. To make matters worse, Mila’s darling also shares his cell with the terrible doctor Livia.

Psychorigid and sociopath, the latter makes him live a real hell! Unfortunately at Les Baumettes, he is not the only one to do so!

In any case in “Plus belle la vie”, the truth about this affair could soon emerge. Indeed, Eugénie Grangé – journalist for Massilia News – decided to take a closer look at this investigation, which was resolved far too quickly for her liking!

And to do so, she managed to get a head to head with Commissioner Mazelle!


During a sequence in “Plus belle la vie”, Commissioner Mazelle will then try to put Eugenie in his pocket by flattering his ego.

But it is bad to know her. Very quickly, the young woman makes him understand that she finds the resolution of her investigation simply … botched.

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Stung to the quick, Boher’s superior is then annoyed by the journalist’s comments. She ended up being far too curious for her taste!

A behavior that seems to put the chip in the ear of the latter … And his questions will be confirmed when Commissioner Mazelle decides to interrupt their interview abruptly.

It’s a safe bet that the problems have only just begun… To be continued in “Plus belle la vie”.


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