Better life: Jacob is ready to change Lucie!


Jacob has found new prey in Plus belle la vie. The mobster has kidnapped Lucie and has a Machiavellian plan!

Tonight, Boher is going to be at its worst in Plus belle la vie. Jacob has kidnapped Lucie and the little girl is in more danger than ever. The criminal seems ready to do anything to get Camille back. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Jacob, ready for anything for Camille in Plus belle la vie? For several weeks, Jacob has been shaking fans in the France 3 soap opera. The audience has met Camille, Emma’s sister. The girl disappeared for several years and was abducted by Jacob. Emma was therefore very surprised to see her again.

The young woman immediately took her sister under her wing. Nevertheless, she soon realized that Camille was under the influence of the criminal. And for good reason, during all these years, Jacob raised her as his daughter. Police found the bones of a little girl in his home and learned it was his child.

Jacob lost his child in Plus belle la vie and is doing everything to make up for his absence. So, after losing Camille, he tried to get his hands on another little girl. For days, Jacob observed Lucy’s habits. Boher’s daughter was abducted from the park in front of her father’s eyes and has been missing since.

Time is therefore running out for Lucie in the rest of the series. Tonight, Jean-Paul is going to be in a panic, because it will be days since he has heard from his child. In addition, his colleagues are going to tell him that it is Jacob who is holding Lucie and he will not intend to let her go …

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In this Monday, February 15 episode of Plus belle la vie, Ariane is going to have a hard time investigating Lucie’s disappearance. Nevertheless, Jacob will send the police a video of the girl and will have an idea behind his head. Jean-Paul will be able to discover that his daughter is still alive. For her part, Camille will see the video and will be in shock.

Indeed, Emma’s sister will see that Jacob has reproduced her old bedroom. In particular, she will recognize the wallpaper and the police will try to negotiate with the mobster. During a video call, Jacob goes to blackmail the police despicably. He will want to release Lucie against Camille.

“I’m the one who sets the conditions. First I’ll pick up Camille then you’ll have the little one, “he will say. Nebout will however want to make a simultaneous exchange in order to trap Jacob. However, the mobster will refuse and will try to coax Camille. He will do everything to make her come back to him …

So, is Camille going to sacrifice herself for little Lucie in Plus belle la vie? Boher may well not see his daughter again right away in the series. It is clear that Jacob is desperate for Camille and could get out of hand in the days to come.


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