Better life: Emma says she cheated on Baptiste!


In the next episodes of Plus belle la vie, the couple Emma and Baptiste are struggling. Emma is going to tell him her unforgivable secret.

In Plus belle la vie, Emma and Baptiste encounter difficulties in their relationship. Emma has done something very serious that may well end their relationship.

Emma has a fight with her mother and she is in the worst possible condition. Indeed her mother accuses her of not having watched Camille when they were younger. And that she preferred to look elsewhere.

Accusing him of destroying their family, Emma leaves the apartment crying. Completely confused, she heads into the boxing hall. Very angry she trains and slaps a bag to let off steam.

But a man is also in the room. The two of them glance at each other. He begins to approach gradually. And that’s when he gets to her side that they start to kiss.

In the next episode of Plus belle la vie, they are found in the gym getting dressed. The man reassures Emma by telling her, “We were lucky that no one showed up. Would you have assumed to grill yourself? “.

Emma looks up at him but remains very serious. She then answers him cash: “There is nothing to assume, you are just an ass”. More beautiful life has not finished surprising us.


After leaving the gym, Baptiste finds Emma. Baptiste reassures her about the story of her sister and her mother. He then tells her that he will always be there for her no matter what.

But an excerpt from the next episode of Plus belle la vie has been released. It airs this Friday, February 19, and it promises to be very emotional. Indeed, we see the couple Emma and Baptiste talking on the sofa.

Emma tells him how much she blames herself for abandoning her sister 10 years ago. Baptiste reassures her once again. But he gets up to speed and asks her to stop sinking like his mother has been doing for the past few weeks in Plus belle la vie.

The emotion is too strong and Emma asks him to stop defending her like he does so well. But she can’t hold back anymore.

She then decides to let go. She therefore confesses to him having slept with a man at the gym. In tears she asks him: “do you still want to defend me there?” “.

But Baptiste in shock finds nothing to say. So he decides to get up and leave without looking back. Will Baptiste be able to forgive Emma? Case to be continued in Plus belle la vie.


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