Better life: Claire feels guilty about Monique’s death!


In more beautiful life, Claire feels very guilty following the death of Monique. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you more, right away!

Claire feels very guilty following the death of her friend Monique, in Plus belle la vie!

Plus belle la vie is the flagship series of France 3. Yes, for almost 16 years, the series has fascinated young and old. Thus, every evening, millions of French people gather, in front of their screens, to follow the adventures of our favorite characters. Crazy, right?

But a lot of the reason the show works so well is its characters!

Yes, the inhabitants of the Mistral are all more endearing than the others. We, in any case, are a fan of Mirta, Mouss, Sophie but also Claire!

Besides, the latter worries us a bit. Yes, in the next episode of Plus belle la vie, Claire does not recover from the death of her friend Monique, and feels partly responsible for what happened to her.

We tell you more!


In the last episode of Plus belle la vie, Monique, Claire’s friend who had previously quarreled with Mouss, was killed.

Indeed, Claire found the body of her friend, lifeless.

And since then, she feels guilty. Indeed, Claire blames herself for having abandoned Monique, and is convinced that she could have prevented this tragedy.

At the end of it, Sophie’s friend ends up confiding in Mirta, who tries to reassure her, and keeps telling her that she has nothing to do with it.

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Claire then confesses to having lied to Monique, claiming that Sophie needed her at the bar, in order to be able to leave because she was tired of discussing the apartment and the decor. She therefore feels responsible for her fate.

Mirta continues to reassure her, and promises her that Commissioner Mazelle will move heaven and earth to find the culprit and do him justice!


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