Better life: Barbara and César more in love!


In the next episode of Plus Belle La Vie, Barbara and César will be very happy and really in love. At this moment in Plus Belle La Vie, Barbara and César have never been so happy and in love. Will their relationship last?

Passion burns between Barbara and César! In a relationship for some time in the Marseille soap opera Plus Belle La Vie, the two lovebirds are still in love.

Indeed, they can no longer live far from each other at all. In fact, viewers will witness an adorable scene to say the least this Monday, January 20.

Thus, Barbara, played by Léa François, will be in the middle of a telephone conversation with Thomas and Gabriel. The reason ? The two friends are looking for premises for their project.

Yep, Barbara and Thomas would like to start their own restaurant. Although they are about to start a war on the Mistral, the famous district of Plus Belle La Vie, they do not care.

So Thomas and Gabriel sent him lots of real estate listings. And they wait, of course, for his opinion on the links.

However, it would appear that Caesar does not share the same mood as her. He, in fact, would like to indulge in a carnal and loving activity.


We can then see the young man, crazy for his sweetheart in Plus Belle La Vie, kissing her on the neck. Then he will try to undress her little by little.

Barbara isn’t at all reluctant to share a good time with her boyfriend. But she would still prefer to move forward on her project.

In any case, Barbara’s project in Plus Belle La Vie could well cause her marriage wrong. And for good reason, the pretty brunette does not receive the slightest support from her darling.

Thus, Caesar is convinced that in this time of health crisis, “even short-term crisis”, she is not making the right choices. She would have to wait a little longer.


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