Better charging good news for Huawei users!


Huawei and its sub-brand Honor have announced the Smart Charging Mode feature to better protect the battery health of their smartphones. Wang Chenglu, Head of Huawei Consumer BG Software Department, states that this feature is currently available for the Mate 30 and Honor V30 series, and will come to many models soon.

Huawei announces smart charging mode
Although the lithium batteries used in the phones are very successful today, if they get too hot and are exposed to very high charging cycles, the aging process accelerates and it cannot reach the capacity it offers on the first day.

At this point, Huawei’s goal is to optimize the process according to the charging habits.

The process of this feature is: To learn the charging habits of the device through the built-in artificial intelligence on the device and to slow the charge when the battery approaches to charge.

For example: When you charge the device by activating the smart charge, charging will slow down after 80 percent to extend the life of the battery. In order for the device to fully charge quickly, you just need to turn off this feature and turn it on again when the charge is full.

After updating, this feature can be accessed by following Settings> Battery> Other Battery Settings> Smart Charge Mode in the EMUI interface.

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