Better Call Saul: What we suspect about Lalo Salamanca’s location in Breaking Bad


The first episodes of the sixth and final season of Better Call Saul keep all viewers surprised by the shocking twists that have occurred. However, episode 5 of the sixth installment shows us the inevitable conflict between Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton) and Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito), something that could answer the question of Breaking Bad fans.

The first episodes of the sixth season of Better Call Saul have confirmed that Lalo Salamanca is alive, after the failed attempt to assassinate him by Gus Fring. Now, Lalo is from afar seeking revenge, so Fring has increased his security with Mike’s (Jonathan Banks) men who are under orders to constantly watch his house.

Lalo Salamanca is looking for evidence of those responsible for the failed assassination attempt on him, in order to take it to the cartel and its leader H├ęctor (Mark Margolis), with the aim of proving that Gus is a traitor. The only clue there is to Gus’s lab where all the methamphetamine trafficked in Breaking Bad was produced, so some say this could lead to the real reason Lalo isn’t in the main series.

According to the last episodes of the sixth season of Better Call Saul, a great confrontation is being prepared between Gus Fring and Lalo Salamanca, everything seems to indicate that it will take place on the site where the laboratory is being built. Especially now that Lalo is looking for clues with Werner Ziegler (Rainer Bock), who is in charge of building the entire secret complex. In fact, Gus also has a revelation about Lalo’s plans and hides a weapon in the lab, hinting that he is preparing for their eventual conflict. Which could bring Lalo Salamanca much closer to the events that happened in the Breaking Bad series.

Everything seems to indicate that the conflict between Gus Fring and Lalo Salamanca, would end with him at the “south wall” that he is so intrigued by, which would add a much darker twist to the events of Breaking Bad in the laboratory. The fact that Lalo is buried in the wall is only possible because Gus had to suspend construction after Lalo became suspicious of him and his engineer Wener Ziegler.

Fans assure that it would be an ironic end for Lalo Salamanca, who has been searching for answers about the construction for two seasons of Better Call Saul, which would make it one more secret that the walls of the popular laboratory in the Breaking Bad series keep.