Better Call Saul: This is why Bob Odenkirk fears Breaking Bad fans will hate him


The face that has been facing the success of Better Call Saul has been the veteran actor Bob Odenkirk, despite all the difficulties he has been experiencing throughout his career as the protagonist of this drama, his enthusiasm to continue giving best of himself is still intact.

On this occasion, Bob Odenkirk revealed one of his new projects, and that is that the actor decided to write his memoirs. It is called “Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama”. The name is the clear reference to his extensive career in the world of comedy, just before becoming an actor.

However, despite having made this book public, the veteran actor is afraid that fans of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul will not like this idea of ​​his book, as he explained in one of his recent interviews to promote his memories.

Although the name of Bob Odenkirk is closely associated with Better Call Saul, the truth is that the actor’s book is not only about his programs where he performs as a protagonist. Prior to acting, Odenkirk was a writer for Saturday Night Live, created Mr. Show with Bob and David, and wrote for other comedy shows.

Although in his book, Bob Odenkirk mentions Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, the truth is that his career in comedy occupies much more than his career and, therefore, a much larger number of pages, which obviously, you might disappoint your fans.

With these revelations, Bob Odenkirk reveals that while drama is doing quite well for him, comedy still ranks first in his heart. Even though this veteran has immersed himself in drama for more than a decade, the truth is that he is not one hundred percent passionate about this subject.

The same actor acknowledged that although he has known how to fit perfectly into the drama as a performer, what he really loves is comedy, he even assured that “although he seems super silly”, comedy is what he will always look for.