Better Call Saul: The important rule that Bob Odenkirk had to star in the drama


Better Call Saul is the successful prequel to the world-renowned crime drama, Breaking Bad. Its success is at its peak thanks to the sixth season, let’s remember that this consists of 13 episodes and is divided into two parts, it will debut in its first half on April 18, therefore, AMC viewers are eager to continue watching on screens the occurrences of this character.

Without a doubt, his arrival has been long-awaited due to delays related to the Covid-19 pandemic, and as if that were not enough, production was also delayed after the protagonist and actor Bob Odenkirk suffered a heart attack. and collapsed on set while filming.

Now that productions are getting back on track after pandemic delays, and the actor is fully recovered, the veteran and Saul Goodman performer is looking back on possibly his most famous character and how he’s evolved over the course of time. spin-off.

The show has deepened the public’s understanding of the titular lawyer, and introduced unforgettable new characters. It was in a recent interview that Bob Odenkirk decided to talk about his early career on Better Call Saul, where he remembered co-creators Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan talking to him about the spin-off, and he immediately had some ideas about how he should Be the personality of your character.

However, Odenkirk’s fear was that giving his point of view might make Gould and Gilligan uncomfortable. One of his main guidelines was that his character had to be likeable. So were his words:

“The first thing I told Peter and Vince is that they have to make him likeable if they want to write a show about him because I didn’t think he was likeable. I thought they would be insulted because I knew they liked the character, but they didn’t. They understood what he meant. I came to like it much more than when I started.”

As we will remember, in Breaking Bad, Saul was introduced to help the plans of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), which is why it is understandable that Odenkirk does not like that version of the character very much, since this drama focuses on revealing the lawyer’s life before crossing paths with the former chemistry teacher.

Of course, given the surprising magnitude of Better Call Saul, it is normal that even the actor Bob Odenkirk feels doubtful about the viability of continuing with one of the most impressive dramas of recent decades, however, now that the end of this series is near, it is more than evident that the AMC public is extremely pleased and eager to see how it will come to an end.