Better Call Saul: The episode that was inspired by a 1988 action comedy


Since Better Call Saul debuted starring Bob Odenkirk in February 2015 as the spin-off of one of the most successful Breaking Bad characters, Saul Goodman, the admiration of the fans was immediate. From the same creators and producers of the original series, Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, it exceeded the expectations that were formed in the viewers as its 50 episodes distributed in 5 seasons so far appeared on the screen.

It would be impossible to list the moments that the audience liked the most, even more so taking into account that there are many key elements that the program has had, beyond the obvious ones such as its innovative story written by a meticulous creative team and interpreted by a talented cast.

Even the Breaking Bad writers themselves admitted that they enjoyed writing it so much, that when they were making material for its scenes they got carried away and focused on Saul Goodman to the point that they had to get rid of a lot of him at the time because he wasn’t the guy. protagonist.

Bob Odenkirk’s character was able to sustain a complex and compelling story on his own. Everyone knows that a character like that doesn’t show up very often, so it’s no wonder they wanted to stick with him a little longer for this idea they called Better Call Saul alongside Netflix. With this background it was logical that its episodes have penetrated so much in the taste of the public.

Although the first season of Breaking Bad was excellent, the critics and the public agree that it did not have the same magnitude until the characters of the peculiar lawyer Saul Goodman and the ex-cop turned thug Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks). From this duo, one of the best episodes that Better Call Saul has had so far emerged, whose inspiration arose in an unexpected way to say the least.

When Better Call Saul presented the eighth episode of its fifth season entitled “Bagman” many dared to point it out as one of the best episodes of the series so far. On this point, it was Peter Gould who revealed that the terrible desert scenes experienced by Saul, whose real name used in much of the show is Jimmy McGill, and Mike while escaping from a group of hit men were some of the stories planned long before formally thought of making the spin-off.

Stranded in the middle of nowhere when Jimmy’s (Saul) role as bagman, popularly known by the term camel, for crime boss Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton) goes awry, epic scenes see him ambushed by gunmen and only Mike is left to help him survive.

The inspiration for those memorable scenes was revealed by Gould who recounted that his conversations with Vince Gilligan during the Breaking Bad series finale led to the Better Call Saul episode and its comparisons to Midnight Run, a 1988 American action comedy film. starring Robert DeNiro and Charles Grodin.

“I have to say that probably 85% of the things that we talked about didn’t happen, but there’s a core of things that we talked about that did happen, and one of the things that excited me the most at first was the idea of ​​doing some sort of Midnight Run episode with Jimmy and Mike.”

“It took us 48 episodes to get there, it wasn’t until Season 5 that we got there, but we got there, I’m happy to say.”