Better Call Saul: The 3 Prequel Scenes That Are Very Familiar From Breaking Bad


When Breaking Bad, one of the most acclaimed and award-winning television dramas of all time, ended its five-year run in 2013, fans at least had Better Call Saul to look forward to. Co-created by Breaking Bad’s Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, the semi-comic spinoff featured Bob Odenkirk reprising his role as sketchy bus bank attorney Saul Goodman.

Set a few years before the events of Breaking Bad, it follows the early life story of the renowned lawyer. That also means it’s loaded with references to the original series from him, not to mention hints about Jimmy/Saul’s past, present, and future.

a family place

In the Better Call Saul season 1 episode “Alpine Shepherd Boy”, Jimmy tries to lure elderly clients who need to have their wills drawn up at a nursing home. He happily greets the elderly in a linen suit and hands out jello adorned with his name and the catchphrase: “I need a will, call McGill!” The name of that nursing home is Casa Tranquila, and it’s the same place where Breaking Bad bad boy Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis) lived.

A graffiti is more than a thousand words

Before he was a young adult manufacturing meth on Breaking Bad, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) was a troubled teen. He would have been in that period of his life during the time frame that Better Call Saul takes place in. Which is to say that the graffiti tag on the outside of a phone booth that Jimmy uses in the third episode of Better Call Saul that says “JPi” was almost certainly left behind by a young thug Jesse. Saul co-creator Peter Gould more or less confirmed this, saying the idea wasn’t in the show’s script, but “sometimes people in the art department or on set add something.”

the famous street

As Better Call Saul begins, Jimmy is working as a public defender, the “lawyer to be provided to him if he cannot afford one,” as guaranteed in Miranda’s rights read upon arrest. The city of Albuquerque does not pay him as much as he would like for his services. Also on that check: Jimmy’s registered address, which is 160 Juan Tabo NE.

That same street was previously mentioned in Breaking Bad. When Walter sends Jesse to kill fellow meth maker Gale, it’s at Gale’s house at 6353 Juan Tabo, apartment 6. That means Gale lived down the street from Jimmy, who slept in the back room of the nail salon they owned. had as his office.