Better Call Saul Season 6: Why actor Bob Odenkirk’s salary is so low


Bob Odenkirk has made a name for himself with his role as Saul Goodman in two successful Netflix series. Both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul have turned out to be a pair of streaming TV phenomena. The plots of each caught the audience that equates the success of tuning with their monthly checks, so it is disconcerting to know that this actor earns much less than we imagined.

In Breaking Bad it was a total and absolute success, so much so that his character was worthy of shooting a prequel with the same actor. Odenkirk, 59, has worked on both productions with the same “tragic hero” character that has been decisive for the plot of these two Netflix series that have earned millions of dollars for the platform. The least they could do is offer you a significant salary that is commensurate with what they receive.

Odenkirk and the series he works on have more than 30 nominations for different awards, and for now he only earns 200 thousand dollars per episode, according to Variety magazine, which published a list with the net worth of celebrities. This would represent $16 million annually for the protagonist of Better Call Saul. Odenkirk plays a poor ex-con of low reputation who becomes a very peculiar lawyer. His ethics do not characterize him and he resorts to the most unusual strategies imaginable to obtain what he wants.

Not bad for an average actor, but we are talking about the person responsible for the success of 2 series that have revolutionized the levels of ratings and selection for several seasons. In fact, if he compares himself to the salaries of other colleagues, the gap is larger, more depressing and less understandable.

With the release of season 6, Better Call Saul continues to rake in millions of dollars in profits for Netflix

The reason is not clear, everything indicates that although Better Call Saul is a success, it is not as iconic as Breaking Bad, while others argue that the actor is passionate about his character and is not interested in negotiating a higher salary for the job. of the. On the other hand, there are fellow actors and actresses who reach almost a million dollars per episode with very good series and also critically acclaimed, for example Game of Thrones, where its protagonists Emilia Clark and Kit Harintong received 500 thousand per episode. Grey’s Antatomy’s Ellen Pompeo Receives $450,000 And of course the guys from The Big Bang Theory who came to charge 900 thousand dollars per episode.

The sixth season of Better Call Saul is approaching and fans still do not understand how it is possible that an actor as prominent as Bob Odenkirk has such a low salary compared to his colleagues. It is expected that with the success that this new season will surely have, the numbers will increase in the account of the protagonist.