Better Call Saul Season 6: Walter White and Jesse Pinkman could appear in the drama


Better Call Saul, the crime series that first premiered in 2015 on the AMC broadcast network, will be reaching its conclusion when season 6 airs next Monday, April 18, as planned with the release of the first wave of episodes. A second part will be broadcast from July 11.

The hit drama Better Call Saul follows the life of a small-time con man named Jimmy McGill, who later morphs into renowned criminal attorney and criminal defense attorney Saul Goodman, who hasn’t been having a good time since the end of season 5. while his enemies chase after him.

The series is carried out by Bob Odenkirk giving life to both characters. As you know, Saul Goodman first appeared in the second season of Breaking Bad, and things didn’t end too well for the kingpin’s legal adviser and large-scale methamphetamine producer, Walther White (Bryan Cranston).

Better Call Saul prequel season 6 will catch up with the events of Breaking Bad, showing not only how Saul Goodman aligned with the original drama, but also what happened to the character. According to Bob Odenkirk, both AMC dramas will be super-connected during upcoming events hitting fans’ screens beginning in April.

It turns out that Bob Odenkirk appeared on Sunday Sitdown with Willie Geist on March 13, for the purpose of discussing his new Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama memoir. And when Geist asked the Saul Goodman performer about Better Call Saul season 6, the actor described how the long-awaited final installment entangles with its predecessor Breaking Bad. This said:

“I was delighted with what they wrote and allowed the characters to grow during this final season. I can’t wait for the audience to see this. I’ll tell you what, if you’re a fan of Breaking Bad and haven’t seen Better Call Saul yet, you should catch up because in our final season, the two shows, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, are entangled like they’ve never been before.”

According to the Better Call Saul actor’s statement, the question worth asking here is whether Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will reprise their roles as Walther White and Jresse Pinkman in Season 6 of Saul Goodman’s series. Although several Breaking Bad characters appear throughout the prequel’s history, there is a huge possibility that the main characters of the original series will return to the screen. However, this is something that Bob Odenkirk did not want to spoil. This added the actor:

“That was a very good thing that the writers did as well. They brought the programs together even more than they already have.”