Better Call Saul, Season 6: Trailer Predicts Who will be the Next dead, according to fans


Better Call Saul,” a crime and legal drama that tells about the life of Saul Goodman, will return to the screens of fans from April 18, when the first wave of episodes of the 6th season debuts. the trailer couldn’t have been more excited to see what the closing of the show would bring.

Ever since AMC shared the trailer for season 6 of “Better Call Saul” in early March, fans haven’t stopped for a minute to build theories about what will happen in the upcoming episodes. From unraveling the mystery surrounding Walter White in season 4 of Breaking Bad to deciphering who this man is who appears at the end of the trailer with Lalo Salamanca, they are part of the hypotheses that viewers face.

According to fans of “Better Call Saul“, the dead list of season 6 includes names such as Kim Wexler, Nacho Varga’s father, and Lalo Salamanca. They base their theory on the fact that none of these characters appear in the events of Breaking Bad. However, according to a new forecast based on the events shown in the promotional trailer for season 6, another one has been added to the dark list, which is important for Saul Goodman.

It turns out that in the preview video of the sixth and final season of the AMC crime drama, Kim Wexler is planning her next scam with Saul Goodman, which will bring them a good amount of money from the Sandpiper Crossing settlement, thereby ruining Howard’s reputation. Hamlin, who knows about Saul’s adventures with Lalo Salamanca. According to the trailer, Kim listens as Howard says he is preparing to file a lawsuit against the surly lawyer.

The trailer for the sixth season of “Better call Saul” predicts the death of Howard Hamlin

And exactly what the trailer for the 6th season of “Beter call Saul” reveals is what fans take as a basis for predicting the death of Howard Hamlin as a probable fact. Some viewers believe that the character is doomed and that, speaking out against Saul, he will face his connections with the cartel head-on and lose his life as a result. Here’s what theoretical fans write on Reddit:

“My prediction about Howard’s fate: he finds out about Saul’s connection with Salamanca/Fringom. He will go to the police/to a bar/anywhere. Then Mike will have to kill Howard.”

“100% agree. Jimmy and Kim carry out their plan and force Sandipper to make a deal, destroying Howard’s reputation, while he tries to get revenge by investigating Jimmy, who suddenly realizes that he didn’t really hate Howard. Howard wanted to ruin his life. .”

Viewers of “Better Call Saul” will have to wait for the season 6 premiere to see what’s going on with Howard. Showrunner Peter Gold previously commented that the final part of the drama will include twists and surprises that will make them unlike the series “Breaking Bad”. It should also be noted that before the end of filming season 6, Bob Odenkirk (Saul) shared on his official Twitter account a photo in which he, along with Patrick Fabian (Howard), appears on the set of the sixth delivery. An important detail of the image is that the latter is shown with a small bloodstain on the upper part of the forehead.