Better Call Saul Season 6: This is the character that will kill Kim Wexler according to fans


Better Call Saul, the successful crime drama that tells the story of Jimmy McGill and his transformation into the criminal lawyer and kingpin defender Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), is closing its cycle with the sixth and final season, through the network of AMC transmission. The crime drama premiered the first wave of episodes on Monday, April 18, while the second part is scheduled to debut on July 11.

The successful series stayed away from screens for two years; And now that he’s back with the final season, fans are not only worried about the fate of Jimmy McGill when the drama wraps up, but also about the fate of his love interest Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn), who is proving to be the mastermind behind it. of the events that are to come, in which Saul will be immersed.

As fans of Better Call Saul know, during the events of Breaking Bad Kim Wexler is nowhere to be found, and this is what has led fans to worry. While some believe Seehorn’s character disappears from Saul’s life for some reason, others think she will die in Season 6 of the AMC crime drama.

In this regard, as Better Call Saul prepares to release Season 6 Episode 4 on Monday, May 2, fans of the series are discussing who will be in charge of assassinating Kim Wexler before the drama comes to an end. . According to them, they are convinced that Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) will pull the trigger against Rhea Seehorn’s character.

It turns out that Better Call Saul fans are basing their theory on Kim Wexler’s death at the hands of Mike after the crime drama’s co-creator Peter Gould dropped a hint about the characters’ fates. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he described Season 6 as devastating and referred to Mike’s journey in the new episodes as the darkest he’s done in the series’ past.

As a result, fans are convinced that he could kill off Kim, as she was one of the few characters not to appear in Breaking Bad. Throughout the series, the Marine veteran has claimed a handful of lives, leading fans to believe that he will go as dark as possible by killing Kim.

Likewise, a fan on Reddit, became even more convinced saying this would be the case after comparing the differences in Saul Goodman’s behavior in both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, regarding his treatment of women showing strength and intelligence.

“This is not the Saul we meet in Breaking Bad, which suggests to me that this is his way of processing the loss of Kim. Saul is unusually afraid of Mike and Mike doesn’t trust Saul. They’re not as close as we might hope, given their history,” the fan said.

“They still work together, sort of, but I realized that Mike doesn’t do any work for Saul unless it’s in Gus’s best interest to do that as well. You can replace Gus with Walt after FaceOff. Mike’s mistrust of Saul is further evidenced by his decision not to use Saul to distribute the money to his guys.” The user concluded.

“If Mike really kills Kim, I think Saul would hate him a lot more than he seems in Breaking Bad. His interactions in Breaking Bad make them seem more neutral towards each other than anything else. The only way I can see him letting it go is if Kim’s death happens after a big fight between them.” Another fan commented explaining his disagreement.