Better Call Saul Season 6: Return date of the series after its brief hiatus


The popular Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul is airing its sixth and final season on AMC. However, after airing its 7th episode on May 23, 2022, the show will go on hiatus that seems to be causing fans discomfort, because the reasons have not been explained. But, the television network has previously confirmed the date that it will return with its second part.

As of now, Better Call Saul season 6 episodes are broadcast in the United States through the American network AMC and the AMC+ streaming platform. Specifically, every Monday since its first episode began on April 18, 2022. This is why chapter 7, which will close the first part, will be broadcast on May 23.

The AMC television network has already confirmed for a few weeks, that after the release of episode 7 of season 6 of Better Call Saul. The show will go on a short hiatus until July 11. This means fans will have to wait to continue watching the latest installment that will wrap up the Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman (played by Bob Odenkirk) story.

Season 6 consists of 13 episodes, making it Better Call Saul’s longest to date. Although the television network has not shown an official trailer for episode 8, it is expected to be revealed in late May or mid-June. Because the drama will return in July.

But, according to the information that has been revealed from the May 23 episode, things will not go as Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) expected. Because his plan faces a serious problem at the last moment. Let us remember that both are trying to completely sink Howard (Patrick Fabian), in order to completely take away the SandPiper case, which is worth millions of dollars.

Fortunately, the same cast members and producers of Better Call Saul as Peter Gould, have ensured that the sixth and final season is one of the most ambitious projects. Ensuring that as soon as the drama ends, they will have to press play on Breaking Bad in order to coordinate everything that has happened on both shows. The end will arrive on the AMC network on August 15, with its 13th episode that will be titled.